Rat Control: How to Send Rodents Packing

Because of their relatively small size, rats may not seem all that problematic compared to other critters like racoons, opossums, armadillos and — how can we forget — skunks. But make no mistake: rats can cause excessive and costly damage to your home (or to your business if that is where they have decided to gather), and also to your health.  

Before looking at how you can win the rat control battle and send these uninvited and unwelcome rodents packing, let us first look at two of the most common and troublesome species: roof rats and Norway rats.

About Roof Rats

Roof rats (R. rattus) have long tails, a pointed muzzle, weigh 5-10 ounces, have long ears and dark bodies (which is why they're sometimes called black rats), and typically live and nest above ground, such as in trees, shrubs and dense vegetations. They also love making their home in elevated spaces, such as cabinets, false ceilings and attics. Getting around is hardly a challenge for these pesky rodents, because they're very nimble climbers.  

About Norway Rats

Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) are larger than roof rats and have shorter tails, weigh 7-18 ounces, have a blunt muzzle, and short ears. They're also lighter in color (which is why they're sometimes called brown rats). Unlike roof rats, Norway rats tend to stay closer to ground level, and typically burrow underneath piles of wood or garbage, and along building foundations.

Signs that You Have a Rat Control Problem

Contrary to what many people believe, rat infestations can happen anytime of the year — and not just in the fall and winter. Common tell-tale signs that you have a rat control problem include:

Getting Rid of Rats

The safest, smartest and by far the least stressful way to get rid of rats is by calling the experts at Hall's Termite and Pest Co. Our team will target and resolve your rat control problem in three phases: Inspect, Remove and Prevent:

And of course, throughout our work we will ensure that there is no risk or danger to people or pets, and that our team is always professional, punctual and courteous.

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