Rodent Proofing and Control Services

Bat Proofing

Bats are highly applauded for consuming up to 2,200 insects a night, but can be a nuisance when they decide to take up residence in your attic, roof or any other accessible area.  Bats are protected in Florida and therefore they must be removed humanely.

Our bat proofing program may combine several strategies for safe removal of the entire colony.  Upon removal, the residence is then sealed to prevent future infestations. Additional clean up may be required depending on the location of the infestation.


Rodent Proofing

Rodent control exampleAre you hearing scratching in the Attic? What about noises right around dawn and dusk? Are you hearing noises during all hours of the night, or during daytime hours?  It is a good possibility that black rats or squirrels have taken up residence in your attic. They need to be removed promptly.

Rodent Proofing is the best approach to eliminating and preventing rodent infestations in your home or business.  The process of rodent proofing involves sealing all entry points the size of quarter or larger for rats and squirrels. This is achieved through several different methods depending on the structure.  After sealing the exterior of the structure, the interior is then inspected and sealed if necessary.  Then any existing infestation will be trapped out. This will prevent anything else from re-infesting your home or business.  We will stop by every couple of days to check your traps until we feel the problem has been resolved.  Most rodent proofing will carry a one year warranty, with the option to renew your warranty each year thereafter.

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